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We dive deep to bring the right candidates together with the right clients. That’s because we know the right match can transform careers, departments and sometimes even companies.
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We help financial services clients grow and evolve their businesses. We do that by working with them to find and hire everyone from emerging new leaders to seasoned senior executives.
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We work in collaboration with our partner company, Norgay Partners, based in New York and Los Angeles, giving our clients unmatched global search and placement capabilities across the globe.

We're industry experts who understand people.

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Kuwait Investment Authority
“Over the last 10 years, Carpenter Farraday have used their understanding of our culture, people and objectives to help us significantly expand our team.”
Andrew Sealey, Managing Partner & CEO at Campbell Lutyens
“Carpenter Farraday always first and foremost take the time to understand exactly who they're working with and what they're about, be it an individual or a business.”
Alpa Bhakta, CEO at Butterfield Group
"The secret sauce of the team at Carpenter Farraday is a genuine interest for people. They have a true passion for finding that one candidate with the right skill set and the right personality to perfectly fit into the team as well as the wider company culture".
Ilga Haubelt, Head of Equities, Europe at Fidelity International
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We find candidates who share our clients’ values because they're the ones who fit in most quickly and easily and have the most positive long-term impact. So whether we can help you hire your perfect new team member, or join a business you can really commit to, let’s talk.
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