Career Finding Together
Personality. Performance. Purpose.
We know that performance is what really matters. But we also know that the best performances only come when a clear, shared purpose unites effective, compatible personalities. So we bear all three of those factors in mind when we bring people and businesses together.
Who we are
We’re a collaborative team of recruitment experts. And because we’re a privately owned, proudly independent firm, we’re free to focus on the long-term goals and deep motivations that really matter to the people and businesses we work with.
So we’ll give you the peace of mind that comes from working with a recruitment partner who understands how important it is to find just the right person for just the right role. That’s because we know just how transformative a successful hire can be.
Global Partnership

We recognise the needs of our clients wanting to benefit from new opportunities outside of Europe. And so, our team works in partnership with Norgay Partners, based in New York and Los Angeles.

We work together by uniting our industry expertise and specialist resources, which in turn allows us to work holistically across function, level, and geography to positively impact our clients’ culture and bottom line.

Our shared values, style and relationship driven approach enables us to build and develop relationships with clients providing comprehensive talent coverage to the highest level across the world.

Our people
Meet our team
What we do
We help businesses find the people who’ll fit right in from day one and stay deeply committed for the long term. That’s because we know they’re the ones who’ll create lasting bottom line growth while adding the most to their culture.
We do that by building strong, long-lasting relationships with both our clients and candidates. We pride ourselves on developing a genuine understanding of who they really are and what they really need from each other.
We build those relationships on honesty and trust, and we look to sustain them for years and sometimes even decades. That’s why we always take the long-term view, drawing on our deep expertise to give our clients and candidates advice and support of enduring value.
Our expertise
We cover a range of disciplines in financial services and alternative investments.
Why choose us
We bring the right people together to transform careers and businesses. And we’ve built our business around doing that in the simplest and most effective way we can.
Rigorous search
We take finding future leaders as seriously as recruiting current ones. So we apply our unique search methodology at every level of seniority.
Excellent networks
Because we place candidates at every level, we know companies from top to bottom, making our ability to find, assess and access talent second to none.
Long term client relationships
We’ll find you the right person for right now. Then we’ll stay close to you, so you’ll end up with a consultant who’s known your business for years.
Deep candidate knowledge
If you’re a candidate, we’ll meet you and get to know what really makes you tick. So when we put you forward for a role, it will fit on every level.
Genuine industry understanding
All our consultants are sector and product experts. Our internal research team supports them with constant market analysis and insight.
You come first
We want to find the best solution for every problem, so we’re happy to work in any way our clients need us to.
“11 interviews later I was offered the role - without you and your team’s care, diligence and understanding, I’d probably never have applied for it in the first place.”
Andrew Warwick, Real-Return Multi-Asset Fund Manager at Newton
“Carpenter Farraday have built up an outstanding contact base throughout the years… which they keep in touch with regardless of whether there are any roles for them to fill.”
Alpa Bhakta, CEO at Butterfield Group
New York
Los Angeles
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With offices across the globe, we are there when you need us.
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Can we help you?
We find candidates who share our clients’ values because they're the ones who fit in most quickly and easily and have the most positive long-term impact. So whether we can help you hire your perfect new team member, or join a business you can really commit to, let’s talk.