Asset Management
Our Asset Management Division covers a wide range of investment, sales and investor relations roles across the full spectrum of traditional and alternative asset classes.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • • Portfolio management
  • • Investment research - all asset classes
  • • Investment strategy and asset allocation
  • • Sales, distribution and investor relations
Members of the team
Gavin O'Donoghue
Director, Head of Wealth & Asset Management
Fiona Rose
Senior Researcher, Asset Management
Caroline Elsdon
Consultant, Asset Management
We work with
“11 interviews later I was offered the role - without you and your team’s care, diligence and understanding, I’d probably never have applied for it in the first place.”
Andrew Warwick, Real-Return Multi-Asset Fund Manager at Newton
"The secret sauce of the team at Carpenter Farraday is a genuine interest for people. They have a true passion for finding that one candidate with the right skill set and the right personality to perfectly fit into the team as well as the wider company culture".
Ilga Haubelt, Head of Equities, Europe at Fidelity International
Other areas of expertise
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