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We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with our New York and L.A. based colleagues, Norgay Partners, meaning we can now offer industry-leading expertise in executive talent recruitment on a global scale. Below we share the full story and press release*

Norgay Partners and Carpenter Farraday, two leading boutique executive search firms in alternative investments, asset and wealth management, and investment banking announce a transatlantic alliance to provide clients with comprehensive talent coverage in both Europe and North America.

Carpenter Farraday Ltd, based in London, UK and Norgay Partners, based in New York and Los Angeles, announce the collaboration of their shared industry expertise and networks to expand their global coverage to the benefit of their clients.

The alliance was formed in response to an increasing number of requests from clients for recruitment coverage outside of Europe (Carpenter Farraday’s clients) and outside of the US (Norgay Partner’s clients). With both search firms working for their clients as one, the partnership will offer clients unique access to established global networks along with broadened search capability and previously unavailable local market knowledge, from a distance.

In building this partnership, Norgay Partners and Carpenter Farraday are uniting their industry expertise and their complimentary approaches to recruiting, allowing them to work holistically across function, level, and now geography to positively impact their clients’ culture and bottom line.  Whereas most global search firms focus their practices on only senior-level appointments, both Carpenter Farraday and Norgay take a functional approach to their client relationships. They work with their clients to recruit team members across multiple levels, including senior leadership and mid-level placements as well as junior team members. Both firms believe that this approach enables them to become experts in their clients’ cultures and to better identify candidates who will bring complimentary skillsets and personalities to the existing team, which ultimately results in better long-term hires for their clients.

This highly personalised and relationship-driven approach employed by both companies will bring significant benefits to their clients as they grow geographically. Carpenter Farraday and Norgay Partners’ alliance will ensure that their clients will now have access to the deepest and broadest search execution capability in both the North American and European markets, regardless of level or function.

“Carpenter Farraday have been working in depth with Norgay Partners, and are excited at the success achieved, and the strong reaction from our clients. Our complimentary recruitment management styles and rare shared values will allow us to build and develop relationships with not only our existing clients, but as already shown, new friends. We are delighted to be working together with Norgay Partners and excited for what the future holds for us and those who work with us.”

Simon Nixon, MD Carpenter Farraday

“We are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Carpenter Farraday where we can combine our industry knowledge and complimentary approaches to recruiting to the benefit on our shared client base. As just one example of the success that our clients have seen as a result of this alliance, Norgay and Carpenter Farraday recently collaborated on a Director-level hire in New York City with a European private equity fund that is growing its North American footprint. Working in partnership, we successfully completed the search in a three-month period from start to finish. In establishing this partnership, we bring together two teams that have a collaborative and holistic approach to recruiting, along with a single-minded focus on finding the best candidates for each of our clients’ unique culture and specific needs. We look forward to helping other global clients see similar results.”

Mary Gay Townsend, Managing Partner Norgay Partners

*Published in Private Equity International

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