Creating change for the better

I work in recruitment because I like to see things change for the better. So we set up Carpenter Farraday to create that kind of change for our clients and our candidates. That means that our conversations with them usually start with one very important question:

‘What would better look like?’

After all, we can’t create positive change if we don’t know what we’re trying to achieve. And then we go on to help people find that better in one of three different ways:

Same job, different company

If you’re in a job, but unhappy enough to look for something different, your first thought will be: ‘Should I do this for someone else? How would it be better doing it for them?’ So you call us and then we go to work answering those questions.

Here, better’s all about understanding who we’re placing and the kind of culture they want to work in. If they like what they do but still want to move, that’s usually because they don’t share the values and goals of their current employer.

So we help them find a company where they’re a better fit. That’s something we’re very good at, because we’re in constant touch with many different people working at every level in a wide range of organisations. We know what it’s really like to work in them all.

Different job, different company

Sometimes people don’t just want a new job – they want to shift their career path, too. That’s a big change to make, so it can be very challenging.

But it’s one we can help with. Because we work across a wide range of different sectors and disciplines, we have a very good understanding of exactly which skills and what kinds of experience are transferable.
So we can help people find a better career by building on what they already know and have accomplished. And because we work across all levels of seniority, we’ll help them think about how they can progress once they’ve made that change.

Different job, same company

You’d think there’s not very much we could do here – after all, who needs a recruitment consultant to promote someone internally or move them across departments? But this kind of move is still very important to us.

First of all, we like to think about the long-term when we’re placing people. So, when one of our candidates gets promoted, we count that as a success for us as well as for them. That’s because we helped them find a working environment that supports and encourages their long-term growth.

And secondly, understanding who gets promoted and what they move on to gives us a very valuable insight into a company’s culture. It shows us what kind of person and behaviours they value, and that guides us as we decide who to send to them for future roles.

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