The Skills Workshop 2022

CV workshops help challenge underrepresentation across the industry

During the month of August our team takes part in The Skills Workshop CV clinics where our experienced consultants and researchers individually review and offer expert guidance to all applicants sent to us for feedback.

As part of the Diversity Project, the Skills Workshop is a series of free online events helping students from ethnic minority, socially, economically, and disadvantaged backgrounds to gain insight, knowledge, and direction to help kick start their career.

Applicants attend a session aiming to articulate the skills required to find jobs. It helps tackle the current disconnect between the skills people have and the way current recruitment systems evaluate them and focuses on how to make CV and applications stand out for the right reasons.

Following the session, the Carpenter Farraday team then look at how each CV is structured and curated and guide each candidate personally, offering support and advice on how to improve the look of the document as well as tailoring the content for the type of firm they are hoping to interview for.

We really enjoy interacting with the students on The Skills Workshop and continue conversations throughout the year to help guide their career aspirations. We are proud to support this project knowing that we are helping to work towards the end goal – to challenge underrepresentation across the industry and increase social mobility.

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